Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily lesson plan for year 5

DATE  : 20 OCTOBER 2011
TIME  :  8.30 -9.00 a.m.
CLASS : Year 5 
NO. OF PUPILS : 15 pupils
THEME :  World of Knowledge
TOPIC   :  Process
                - Collective Nouns
SPECIFICATION :  1.1.2 Listen to and identify the different  sounds 
                               2.1.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately.
                               3.4.1 Read aloud words and phrases correctly and with correct pronunciation .                                                                                       
                              4.3.2 Match phrases to pictures.
OBJECTIVE   : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:
1.    State the collective nouns of the animals .
2.    Read  phrases and match them to pictures .
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE  : Pupils had already known about  the animals
TEACHING AIDS : Power point slaid show , Picture cards, Word cards ,Worksheets , laptop, projector
RESOURCES        :  Internet , pictures of animals in Groups , textbook
Set Induction
( 5 minutes )

Induction set – Listen to the sound of the animals and guess the name of the animals .
1.Teacher play the sounds of some animals on the notebook .

2. The teacher asks a pupil
    to come in front
and guess the name of   
the animals they heard .

    Questions posed by
    the teacher:
a)    What animal produces this sound  ?
1. The pupils listen to the sound made by the animals .

2. The pupils guess the name of  the animals .

3. Pupils answer questions posed by teacher.

Stage 1

(10 minutes)

Collective nouns –
Introduce the collective nouns of animals using Power point slaid show.
1.    The teacher introduces the collective nouns of animals using  power point slaid show .
2.    Teacher asks some questions to seek some information .
3.    The pupils pay attention to the power point slaid show .
4.    The pupils answer teacher’s questions.

Stage 2
Focused word work
( 5 minutes )

Find a partner
1.    Teacher distributes picture cards and word cards to pupils .
2.    Teacher asks pupils to find their partners.
3.    The pupils hold picture cards and word cards.
4.    The pupils play a game – “ Find a partner ”.
5.    In pairs ,pupils come out and read aloud the phrases.

Stage 3
Independent work
(5    minutes)
Identify the collective nouns of the animals .
1.    Teacher asks the pupils to sit in a big circle .
2.    Teacher explain the rules of playing the game .
3.    Teacher takes out 
“A sound bag “ and explains the rules of the game .
4.    Teacher sings song together with the pupils .

1.    The pupils sit in a big circle  and carry out a game .
2.    The pupils sing a song while passing the “ sound bag “.
3.    The pupils take out an animal from the bag and give the collective noun of the animal.

( 5 minutes )
Summing up
Teacher shows picture cards
and asks the pupils to give the collective  nouns of  the animals .

Pupils give the collective nouns of the
animals .

Reflection :   14/ 15 pupils were able to state the collective nouns of the animals .

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